Java Script Support for android browser 2.2


Dec 6, 2010
Hi all,
I am trying to view a jsp chat page using android 2.2 browser and i am facing problem of scroll bar is not comming up and cant able to continue the chat if the page fillsup. I tried this on skyfire and xScope 3.6 both causing same problem only. But If i load that similar jsp chat page in android browser 2.1 i can able to chat properly. what could be the problem it is on android 2.2 browser or on URL. I came across this forum and heared that android 2.2 browser is built using chrome V8 java script engine for faster loading of heavy java pages. then which cause this problem :confused::confused:
I do not think you can typically change the javascript engine of the browsers, because they all use the same Android engine.

As of I know Android 1.5,1.6 and 2.1 are using same java script engine but android 2.2 uses V8 java script engine. You can try gmail in your 2.2 tablet (If you have) and you will find that scroll wont work in landscape view and scrollable in portrait view.