Jellybean (or ICS) on the original Galaxy Tab?


Jul 24, 2011
I have the original Samsung Galaxy Tab (from Verizon)

It's great, but I want to update it to Ice Cream Sandwich, or to Jellybean.

Has anyone here ever done this? If so, can you direct me to some specific instructions? Does it really work well?

I'm looking for a stable & complete build, so I can actually use it, especially the cameras and Wi-Fi (I could care less about Bluetooth)
Head over to xda forums, there's cyanogen mod 9 that's very stable and I used as daily driver for a few months. There's also cyanogen mod 10, currently what I'm using, also very stable and all working hardware. Only thing not working is streaming through dock HDMI out. Which is being worked on, I've helped provide logs for them.

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