Just got a Coby MID8125-4G Can't Turn Off


Oct 22, 2011
My mom just got a MID8125-4G and I was trying to set it up for her. I was in Settings and pressed the update option and it went to the green Android w/ exclamation triangle screen. It's still stuck on that screen and won't shut off (even tried the reset hole). Any solutions or should I send it back?
Ok, so I let the battery run out and managed to turn it back on as normal...but now the Wi-Fi isn't working (just says error underneath the Wi-Fi section in the settings menu). Wow this is buggy.
Look for other threads in the forum about 8125, if I am not mistaken I've read that many devices (if not all) have a bug in the restore system that lock them up in this screen. Coby recognized the problem and is exchanging the devices if still under warranty.