"killer app" for tablet computers?


Dec 7, 2010
So what does everyone think the killer app will be for tablet computers? That one app or functionality that will make the tablet computer a must have.

For computers it was the spreadsheet.
For the internet it was email
For the iphone it was the app store

Now comes along the tablet computer which has faster speeds similar to a laptop but also has the mobility of a cell phone. Computer + cell phone = some pretty impressive stuff you can accomplish with it.

What will that killer app be? Share your ideas!
I can't think of a single killer app. In general, the two main selling features for me of Android tablets are ease of use and instantaneous response.
I can't think of a single killer app. In general, the two main selling features for me of Android tablets are ease of use and instantaneous response.

Yea I think those are the two big selling points for it but it is going to be interesting to see what type of apps get released that are specifically designed with the tablets in mind. So far I've seen some pretty cool games on the ipad. One of them was a pinball app and another one was the air hockey game. You could even play multiplayer. Each player got control of half the screen to play with. I could see chess, checkers and many other games being played on a tablet.
Well I think we are just at the gensis of tablets and what they will become in the market. I think they will be exploding as technology allows the smaller form factor to take over. Apps... unfortunately Android is lagging behind Apple a bit.... they did start several years later than Apple so it makes sense. For me, the open source of android is the biggest draw. Have never liked to have big brother hanging over my shoulder saying what I can and can't do (even though I'm techinically big brother in real life). Apple is overbearing with their hardware. That is an advantage (less fragmentation) and a disadvantage (less ingenuity long term). Personally I think more apps designed to do simple tasks like get your periodicals/magazines in an ereader format would be huge. Gaming wise android is several steps behind IOS. I can't pinpoint a single app that will dominate, but think that the increased utilization of the small form factor is the way of the future. I can't wait until there is a tab that meets my needs overall. I'm chomping at the bit to buy a solid, dual core tab. The Adam notion ink looks VERY interesting. Hope it pans out. IMHO, the platforms technology is still holding back what the form factor of a tab has in store.
I have to admit, Jobs puts Facetime in ipod touch is a very brilliant action. The mobility of tablet computer makes instant messenger (or voip software) more important. So I think something like skype is killer app in tablet.
i think it will be mixed media in a magazine format - ideal for the tablet - pulse is on the right track but the UI design is too busy/cluttered and it does not play videos directly - but someone out there might be working on it