Looking for a decent starter tablet on a budget.

Jul 12, 2011
Hello! I recently have been looking around for a tablet in the $100-$200 range, though I may pay up to $250, and essentially I am looking for a decent tablet for cheap to see if I may want to invest more money on a better tablet at a later date.

Must Have Features:
  • Macromedia Flash Support (or ability to add it)
  • Lightweight Gaming Potential
  • PDF compatibility (or app for one available)
  • G-Sensor
  • Multi-touch screen
Desired Features:
  • Front Facing Camera
  • Microphone
  • Expandable Storage Space
  • Native Android Market Place Support (Or ability to add it)
Nice to have features:
  • 8GB (or more) internal memory
  • Rear Facing Camera
  • GPS Antenna Thingy
Now, I am entirely new to these tablet thingies, and I don't actually know if Capacitive Screens are much better than Resistive and if they would be worth the extra money, but considering the touch screen seems to be the primary input device and many games would probably utilize it (I think), I think I would want multi touch capabilities, but I would like some input on that.

I am computer literate and I am not afraid to root/apply firmware updates and all that other stuff for a tablet if it changes a cheap, crappy device into a cheap, useful device.

I think I would like a 7 inch device, it seems to be nice and portable while having a nice viewing area, though maybe 10 inch would be good. I think I would prefer 7 inch though. Not to keen on the look of some of the more squarish formats, seem to be too bulky to justify the wider size.

I haven't a lot of experience with these things, the closest I have was with an old Toshiba e740, had a lot of fun with that, but hard as hell to install anything on it. I just want to get a cheaper model so I can find out if I want to invest more on this, without feeling frustrated because my highly expensive device is outdated within a year. :p

I am in Michigan, USA.

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It looks good, but it seems to be very similar to the other one I linked to, only a bit more expensive in the end. I'm not very knowledgeable about Android Tablets specifically, so maybe there is something I am overlooking?

Er, I didn't read the rules carefully enough. Sorry about that.

But I am looking at a G10 Haipad M701 on Euogo for $100, $150 if I take into account shipping and extra doodads like a case and memory card. Does anyone know if this is a good tablet, and if Euogo is a good site to do business with?
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