M006 will not power on!


Jan 31, 2011
Hello all,

I am new to this site, but I have read through alot of threads and have not found any info to possibly help my situation. My M006 will not power on. I was going to flash the device with a ROM from RomanticEvil. I powered on the device and began to flash the device when the screen warned to make sure the power adapter was plugged in in-case the battery runs out in the middle of flashing the device. So I quickly plugged in the power cord before the counter ended and the flashing began. Unfortunately the device instantly powered off when I attached the power cable (which has happened before, which I forgot about in the rush). So now my device will not power on at all, with or without the SD card inserted with the ROM and I tried to reset the device with the reset button on back to no avail. Is my tablet a true worthless brick now or can I try flashing original firmware to awaken it, or try some other means of hardware reset?

Any help is greatly appreciated!


Oct 26, 2010
Hi dmc, that's unlucky! You might have corrupted the kernel with the shutdown. Maybe this very interesting article can help you: Project Gus» Blog Archive » Unbricking WM8505-based tablets
I see you live far away from me (NL) else I would've bought your brick and try to fix it, I never had any experience with a bricked tablet before so it would be a very educational thing to repair or at least try to repair.

Good luck with your tablet!