Maplin 7" MID tablet upgrade


Sep 12, 2011
Hi all!

I've just got a 7" MID tablet for my birthday which was originally bought from Maplin but was second hand by the time I got it. I'm trying to upgrade the OS if possible, so any help would be great!
It's got Android 1.6, and comes up with this on boot: wmt1.9 710Cuxw
The kernal version is 2.6.29-00236-g48dbbb-dirty
The box says the CPU is VIA8505 and the back of the device says VIA ARM926

Any help would be great!

Thanks very much

Hi Bill,i have the same or similar problem,in my case i can download a game but cannot install it.
Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks in anticipation.
I also have a Maplin MID VIA8505 tablet, no model number or serial number anywhere was hoping to flash to android 2.1 from 1.6 anyone had any luck, as I don't won't to Brick my tablet.