ME302C FHD10 problems waking up, reboots


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Jan 14, 2016
Frequently when my ME302C wakes up, it displays the unlock screen, but it won't accept my pin. An incorrect pin give me the "incorrect pin" message, but the correct one just flips back to the unlock screen. I have to power off/on and then it works.

It also reboots itself if it's on and sleeping. A couple of months ago I had an issue where it just hung at the ASUS screen, so I did a wipe/firmware reload. That went OK.

It's out of warranty so I'm wondering if there might be some component that's going bad? (I've replaced a main board in a TF101 before, so I'm not opposed to doing some work on it.)



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Mar 24, 2011
I'd suggest you try:

Factory reset: How Do I "Factory Reset" My Tablet?

If there are no instructions there specifically for your tablet, try some of the methods for other tablets. One of them will probably work and you won't hurt anything by trying.