MediaTech - "Unfortunately File Stopped" Problem

RI red

Junior Member
Mar 23, 2020
MediaTech android oreo tablet "unfortunately file stopped".I get 2 youtube and file manager at the same time. I have tried everything!! Down to factory reset at least 6 times. Thats the only choice I have the re apear is instant causing me to not be able to do anything but turn off and go into factory settings and the only thing that will work is to factory reset. I have searched and searched. I clear cache almost on a daily bases. Its done this when not modifying these apps and again after stopping notification and turning them off. Unable to delete either app. Im looking to see if anyone out there has actually found a solution for this. I see many post but they all say the same thing. But as I said worked my way to factory reset and I get a few days and its back. Please help if possible.