mega noob questions!


Dec 25, 2010
hi i am new to android and im exteremly new to rooting. i have already rooted my coby kyros mid 7015 and downloaded the google android market. i have also already done the clockwork recovery mod. i used z4root to do all of this. but now what? what else can i do to my kyros that will make it cooler and better :cool: i have heard of over clocking but alot of people say that it would fry my tablet. also i was wondering, is it kind of like jailbreaking an ipod? dose it have something like cydia that you can get for android? please help.
start downloading apps! There is no cydia for android...don't steal apps!

sent from my rooted kyros 7015 with the total google experience!
the kyros 7015 can't be overclocked yet. nobody has built a working custom kernel... but there are people working on it..

as it stands, there are not (m)any mods that can be made to the kyros. ninjamorph doesn't even work..
ok i had some more questions. my tab came with a usb cable that allows you to plug stuff into the tab like an ipod (for example). so what is it for? i tryed to plug in an old apple key board but it keeps rebooting when i plug it in. is there any way i can use my usb keyboard on it? and if u can use this usb for something could programs be made to run other things off of the tab? like for example i have a laptop internet card. could that ever be used in my tab?
Use Search... Also you can Google the Coby and check Youtube, there is a couple of videos there. But if you read your Coby box/Manual its mainly for a keyboard . If your keyboard forces it to reboot, it is not compatible with it. I don't know what cydia is but if it is used for stealing apps, why would you want to root and gain the market on the tablet to then want to steal apps.
no cydia isnt for stealing apps. think of it like the apps that are for rooted things all in one place