micro sd card


Oct 29, 2011
hi i have inserted a 32gb micro sd card in to my acer 500 i have transfred some films over but it will only play 2 out of 5 of them no matter how many i put on it will only play 2 i bought the sd card so i could put several films on for my little girl to watch but i have to keep putting 2 on then deleting them to put two more on have you any ideas what i am doing wrong please i would be very greatful


Senior Member
Sep 6, 2011
We need more detail please. Like, what type are these files? They may not be compatible with the readers you have installed on you tablet. Most files that come from a PC will read on the Acer as long as you have an app that will read them. I have the Acer A500 too, love it, but I have had to download some apps that allow me to install certain files.