MID 1042 in 2021: Need Guidance


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May 8, 2021
Hello all .
very nice info on this site . Thanks for accepting my membership !!!! :)

I have this mid1042 kyros tablet , now with the pandemic I need to use it

- android 4.0.3
- kernel 3.0.8+
- build 2012 1224 100 521
- "slide me " garbage still installed
- rooted with KINGO ROOT

what can be done in 2021 ? does any ROM / workaround listed still works today in 2021 ?
I mean ... if only solution is to upgrade to lets say android 4.3 probablly means same problems , like Google Play does not fully work in 2021 on my samsung s3 phone which is Android 4.1.2 and many stuff does not work like Chrome do not update , Youtube do not update etc .

AS I understand the best upgrade I could go on this MID1042
would be like android 4.3 is that correct ?

As good notice in 2021 as my first step , I could easily root it using "kingo root" .

I'm not sure next steps so asking for advice / guidance here .... everything I see is from 2014 so many stuff doesnt work anymore not even on stock S3 mini ...

best regards and congratulations for the nice work here !!



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Jun 16, 2012
What can be done in 2021? Use it as a paperweight, as that is about all it is good for. Even if you could get any of the things we did in 2012 to these tablets working, the old ICS ROM and 1GB of RAM will conspire to make your experience an unpleasant one. Most apps in 2021 will not run on such an old device as their system requirements exceed those of the tablet.

Get a new tablet.