Mid X5a Tablet Help

Dec 16, 2012
Hi there, first of all id like to say I am not a complete Newbie, I have been fixing Laptops/Computers for the last 5 years. How ever, Friday just gone (14/12/2012) a customer brought a Mid X5A Tablet (Running Android) to me to have a look at. While having a play around, the battery decided it would be a good idea to run out, so as any person would do, I put the Tablet onto Charge to find the charger was not working, luckily i found a spare charger lying around which fit the tablet perfect. The problem I have know is that the tablet has been on charge for approximatley 19-0 hours now (Red Light Showing near Power Button to show it is Charging). How Long do these Tablets have to charge for before they are fully charged? I can plug the Tablet into a Laptop or Computer by USB but it comes up on the Tablets Screen, "Low Power, Power Off" (with a picture of a Power Symbol above). I just think its a bit strange how its been on charge for 19-20 hours and still wont power on, surely there charge in the battery by now? Even if its not 100%. Any help would be fantastic as this is the first Tablet ive ever looked at and tryed to fix. Thanks

If you need any more Information, I will provide straight away :)