Not Recharging?


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Apr 9, 2014
Tablet battery was low last eve from use so put it on AC charger overnight. Something I've done many times. Screen, in locked mode, showed fully charged when I unplugged it from the charger this morn but then set it aside. Went to use it this eve... 'dead' tablet. Did think it odd that it felt tiny bit warm when I picked it up as it should've been cold from non-use all day. Plugged it into AC charger for couple hours but never got warm, as it normally would while charging. Only thing I can get to show on boot screen...whether plugged into the AC charger or the USB to laptop (not recognized on laptop as being connected, however)... is the battery icon with a 'plug' symbol inside. (Previously it'd be the battery icon but three moving bars.) Tablet was working fine last, nada. Boooo. Ideas?

ETA: After much frustration, and hours later, figured I'd try the Reset with paperclip. For whatever reason, and most happily!!!, tablet booted up. It's fully charged, everything (apps, settings, etc) are as I had them. Soooo, begs the question, what happened?
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