Moonse E7001 - Need replacement touch-panel!


Oct 5, 2010
I have a plastic Moonse E7001 with 1 battery.
It says: "EK070TN83 V.1" on the backside of the LCD.

I only need the touch/digitizer, the LCD is fine.
The digitizer has the code "AP359CA" and the digitizer-cable has the code "DIREN" if that's any help.
I also need a new screen-sticker... =P



I already tried contacting where i bought the device, and
None of them could help me.

Now, has anyone repaired their Moonse E7001 screen before?
Where did you get the parts?

Mail me: [email protected]

(i tried to post this thread in the "Rockchip Based" forum, but i got a error saying "you do not have permission to access this page." so i'm making this my indroduction thread.)
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Try hiapad. (HiApad)
According to a recent (last week?) blog post, that touch screen is out of production(!) but hiapad has the remaining 200.
Saw it was like $40-50, so if it's worth the repair is up to you...
Hi , İf you interesting about touch screen for replacement I can help you.I can to supply from china.And İf you want to I can sell from Ebay.
Hi, I need touchscreen and glass for the same model. LCD is working fine. On broken glass is AP359CA number. Please can you tell me how much it will cost me to buy that touch screen from you trough Ebay?