More Drama From Samsung - Samsung Denies 16% Return Rate - Claims Less Than 2%


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Jan 5, 2011

As has been the case lately with Samsung lately, we have more drama from them. Their modus operandi (M.O.) has been to deny any reports that might reflect negatively on their operations, and they are following this same pattern yet again. Recently we reported, here, that a third-party marketing research firm did an independent study of return rates for the Samsung Galaxy Tablet, and found them to be as high as 16 percent. Samsung denies this and claims that the report is false. They claimed that their returns are less than 2 percent.

I fully understand a company wanting to defend its marketing position with a bit of "informational spin", but there can't really be that much of a discrepancy with the numbers... What do you guys think? I'm actually a fan of some of Samsung's products, (I love their LCD and LED TV's), but their mobile phone division needs to get its act together.

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lol Apple is probably bribing people to make bog. numbers about the return rate.
I think the numbers are exaggerated, AND Sammy is reactionary.

I love Samsung stuff too. -even bought a Sammy fridge.

Crushed ice, people!
I too think both numbers are not realistic. 2% sounds too low and is probably based on some very strict definition of what "return" means (i.e. spin). But 15% is too big. Who's that independent company that came up with this number? Is there a place to see that report?

To Strider: Yeah! Who cares about a broken Galaxy Tab if you've got good Samsung crushed ice! And a rooted Haipad :)
I have not read details on either sets of numbers, but the disproportionate differences makes me wonder if this is comparing apples to oranges. For example customer returns vs hardware failures.