Move over VIA MW8505 -- hello samsung ARM926EJ-S.

Aug 31, 2010
Thought I would bring this up, it would seem until recently the VIA MW8505 has been the chipset of choice for real entry level OEM tablets, the Eken m001 springs to mind immediately. Absolute bottom of the range pricing and a barely functioning tablet. We used to sell loads of them, simply because they are so cheap but they are frustrating to use, as they are so slow. Market doesnt work on them and youtube is barely functioning. The VIA processor runs at a true speed of 350mhz (which has been overclocked already from the original 300mhz)

Yesterday we received a shipment of the EX900, manufactured by blenosu with 128 DDR RAM and the Samsun ARM926EJ-S processer, the same I believe as in the Galaxy S. These ship out of China at hte same price as the M001 (near enough) but runmuch faster. I am led to believe they are popular in Asia but I am the first I know of in UK to take the leap and buy some. Really I am shocked these are not more popular because bang for buck they are really great. Market runs perfect, Youtube plays perfect, it will even play HD youtube videos (although with a little artefacting but not stop start and jerky).

They bill themselves as Android 1.9 but really it is just a late build of 1.6 so it's Android 1.6 and the build number is 1.9

Very busy right now but I will make a video review of them in the near future, just thought I would give people a heads up if they are looking to spend as little as possible on a tablet

heres a few piccies before I do the video review



Sep 4, 2010
doesn't the galaxy s use a "hummingbird" 1 ghz cortex a8 chip? a samsung arm9 doesn't seem to be close.

you could well be right about this taking over the low end of the market. seems fairly complete if rather underpowered.


Sep 8, 2010
It looks nice, is the screen better than those flimsy glued on plastic film as the other eken models?