Must Read for Tablet Sellers - How to Avoid Being Banned (: )

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Jul 9, 2010

AndroidTablets allows for resellers and shops to come and contribute, provided that you follow the following rules.

If you do not abide by these rules, you will receive warnings and subsequently, be banned from indefinitely. Depending on the severity of the infraction, you may or may not receive a warning.

(Upon being banned, you may repeal your ban by emailing [email protected], with subject title 'Ban Repeal'. )

Participation Rules for Tablet Resellers and Shops

Effective immediately, all vendors now must go through a 'supporting vendors' process before they are allowed to make any form of promotion to their business. All vendors who are not registered must private message either Admin or 4Nines to go through the process.

This includes any links to their webpage, directly or indirectly. All such posts by non-supporting vendors are to be considered spam and will be removed. This includes any signatures.


Androidtablets实行的‘支持商家’制度立即生效。我们只会允许通过了我们‘支持商家’所认证的许商家发布包含有商业,广告成分的帖子和签名。如有兴趣成为我们认证过程而成为‘支持商家’,请立即马上使用短消息(Private Message)联系Admin或4Nines。


Last Updated Dec 15, 2010
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Dec 10, 2010 - Must include store name and url in signature
Dec 15, 2010 - Supporting vendors draft
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