My kyors 8024 just died... i dont know why


Jun 24, 2011
Yestarday i recharge my kyros, i wait for the blue light (i read some saying green light but i belive mine is blue), and used it for a few minutes and shutdown, today i turn on it and use for a 10 minutes maybe and when i was using ebbudy it freezes and shutdown, like other times, but now i couldnt turn on him, only the lights of the buttons turn on and after a few seconds them switch off and nothing more happens.

i tryed to reset and nothing happens
i tryed to trun on pressihn home+power on, same

My kyros is a brand new one, i used it for a ONE WEEK.

What do i do?:confused::confused::confused::confused::confused: im desperate ;'(
PLEASE HELP:(:(:(:(:(:(:(
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