My Samsung Tab 3 t210 battery draining very fast as well as charging...


Junior Member
Nov 14, 2015
I baught Samsung Tab 3 T210 around a year and a half ago. It was working perfectly fine but since I software updated I am having this problem. I tried to got rid off this new troubling update, I tried factory reset without backup and this battery issue started. It getting drained very fast and charging fast as well. I tried to battery calibration by following some google results procedures but it didn't work. According to my research it is having this problem due to deletion of any system file which maintain accurate battery life. Please do advice me the easiest way to get back to normal. Thanks


Staff member
Jun 16, 2012
The only system file that deals with battery life is batterystats.bin, and that file is deleted every time the battery reaches 100% charge and the tablet is disconnected from AC power. You have an app or apps that are causing the battery drain. Most likely that drain is from the tablet not reaching deep sleep due to an unwanted wakelock (see here for details). In Settings > Apps, disable system apps such as the Samsung apps, and uninstall user apps you're not using, such as Facebook.

Install Bettery Battery Stats and run it for a full day, and then get a log of the usage. Using that log, you should be able to more effectively determine the source of your battery drain, if it remains after disabling or uninstalling apps.