NATPC 7inch MID-WiFi Does Not Turn On


May 11, 2014
This tablet was working until a factory reset, and now the wifi doesn't turn on and windows (7 32bit) claims the usb has malfunctioned.
I'm hoping to find the factory firmware as still no luck. I found a Chinese menu some how with a combo cant remember how I got there.
In this menu there was only one English word which was red and said WiFi so I pressed it and it turned green and said OK.
I rebooted the tablet and still no Wifi. :(

softwiner f721_v1.01 20120824_r83-6536719 (this I got from the Chinese menu)

Model -- MID

Android 4.0.4
Baseband 1.4rc3
Kernel 3.08 lilong@brn-lilon#32 fri aug 24 13:43:00 cst 2012
Build 20120906-LY-F2S 1.0.1

thank you