Need help/advice with my a13 {wifi connectivity}


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Jun 24, 2014
Hi there so my a13 just came in today.

Trying to connect to wifi - Its default at 'Off', when i switch to 'On' it diplays ''Turning on wifi...'' But then after about 5 seconds the 'On' switches itself to 'Off' again.
But yet the message still displays ''Turning wifi on...'' and it just hangs there.

When i go to 'Advanced' ... 'Network notification' is greyed out and no matter what i do i can change that on and off. Mac address is unavailable, as i IP address, the only thing i can switch on and off is 'Keep wifi on during sleep'. Well that's great if i can actually get a connection.
When the screen goes off and i wake it back up it says 'No internet connection'.

Im not sure what to try next. Hope someone can help.

Also I cant click on the icons up the top either on the wifi screen which i presume are 'Add' and 'Refresh' symbol. Nor can i click on 'Scan'.

What does all this suggest ? Simply a faulty tablet ?
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Lubo, do you have a tasker type app, running, that would keep your WiFi off?
Had a similar situation where one wouldn't let me control the screen brightness.
Worth a check, before you have to return your tablet.
Have you tried to establish an internet connection at a WiFi hotspot, at work, or at a friend's house?
Hi guys.

@ Pitcarver - No mate i didnt try that as i reset it to factory default and removed any installed apps. But cheers.

@edap I havent mate no. Its something i thought about doing tomorrow before i send it back.
But i honestly think things are fine my end - internet connection-wise.
Also i can find the wifi connection on my phone no problem. Switch it on and off etc.