Need Help with Finding the Android Tablet for Me


Nov 1, 2012
Hello Guys,

First, thank you for reading my post.
Now too the question, i'm looking into making a bigger order of android tablets but i have no idea what specification in hardware i should look for.
Basically i want to show highres pdfs on the tablets. My first idea was getting a digital photo frame but they only support images as far as i could find.

I have looked at sites at alibaba etc, but i have no idea what to look for.
The cheaper, the better, but they must support showing highres pdfs(50-100mb).
I'm only gonna use them to show these pdfs, like a digital photo frame.

Please help a lost droider.

PDF viewer(high res images)
Touch that responds great
7" or bigger
A decent way to load images too these tablets, maybe by wifi? I can probably create a app/webservice to handle that.
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I am in a same pickle as you my friend. I am as well ordering larger quantities of tablets after my product is done. So far I am looking for basic functions that I already listed in thread ( still not approved by mod so it won't show, will pm you though... )

I was thinking to load pdfs to all tablets each morning from my local server on startup, stream over wifi. Since I am new to all this and all this concept I am still into research so any links you can across that you think would be good to read would be great to get :)

I think you should get at least 7" but not less then that, maybe 10.1". My friend tablet is that size and its quite easy to read on it, idk how would it be on 7" one...

Are you planing to store all pdfs on your external SD card or on HDD?

I will pm you with my questions that I posted in thread above, it contains info, mostly questions about model I asked from some seller from Alibaba.

I read these threads, they helped me with some basic info. They may help you also...

Hope to hear from you soon. Regards :)
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