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Dec 24, 2012
I have been trying to root my coby 8042. I have followed the instructions on this page.

I have rooted it and created a system dump. I put a copy of the recovery in the data folder and renamed as well as a copy of clockwork. Then I did the recovery under clockwork. It rebooted and a android with a red symbol showed up with exclamation point. Then it changed from that and booted up normally. I'm not sure if I have done this correctly. I have the information in a folder called drivers. In this folder I have the data folder, dump folder, adb, adbwinapi, adbwinusbapi, fastboot, root_restore. I put the recovery images in the data folder and changed names. I ran recovery option and did cwm. My tablet rebooted and everything but now i do not understand how to do backup and restore option. Is this on my computer or the tablet? and also should clockworkmod be an app on my tablet as iof right now? i have the superuser?

*I have successfully gotten cwm on my tablet. However, the volume keys do not move it up or down. Is there anyway around this?

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*edit I just realized I don't believe i have a sd card in my tablet. Will I need to do the whole process over?* figured out sd is internal!! also put in external

*Alright I have re-set my tablet to factory. The only errors I received was something about busy box in the beginning. I did new dump. Copied original recovery and renamed. Put it in not only main folder but the dump folder on my pc. I even copied it onto external sd card and copied from external to internal sd in data folder. Had the download for 8042 and renamed to cwm_recovery.img. Copied that in all the spots. Am I supposed to delete the original recovery or something. I am stuck on trying to get cmw on my tablet. When i hit recovery then cwm it tells me cannot stat 'data' no such file type.
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