Need To Update Console Tablet Via SD Card - Treadmill

Cesar Lozano

Junior Member
Mar 24, 2020
My treadmill touch screen is displaying a message that I can't get rid off, Device options: 1- Silent mode 2-Power off. If I select either one of them I can turn off/on volume or power off console. meaning touch screens works. So I know I can update software via SD card in console.
So I need the software to download it into a SD and then upgrade treadmill.
NordicTrack® - C1750 Pro - 831.249240
How can I get it?

thank you,


Staff member
Jun 16, 2012
Contact NordicTrack. They will either direct you to the firmware update on their site, or they will have to send you one of their MicroSD cards whose contents are permanently locked - NordicTrack SD cards don't have a write protect switch.