Hisense Sero 7 Pro - swapping out SD card


Sep 10, 2013
I recently got the Sero 7, then stuck an 8GB Sd card in it cuz it was laying around and I didn't have anything larger. Anyhow, after couple of week of downloading pretty much any app recommended by online videos of android users, my sd card quickly filled up. So the next logical thing to do is to upgrade the sd card. But, before doing so, I checked out some online videos on how other folks are doing this. So, finally got a 32GB class 10 SD card and ready to rock!

Here are the steps...

1) Unmount existing SD card. Strange thing was when doing this step on the Sero 7 Pro, it tells you that it was "unmounting", then it doesn't say "unmounted". Anyhow, if this step took place, then assume it is unmounted.

2) fully power off, not sleep, but power off!

3) remove existing SD card

4) insert it to your windows laptop or desktop

5) create a temp folder on your hard drive and copy all contents of SD card to that temp folder (took abt 7 mins)

6) remove the SD Card from your laptop/desktop

7) insert your new SD Card (32GB in my case)

8) find it in your explorer, right click and select "format"

9) change the Volume label to "SD Card" because this was the name of my old SD Card (not sure if this is important but trying to keep it consistent)

9) take default "FAT32" with "Quick Format"; say Ok to "warning"

10) after formatting new SD card, copy all contents from your temp folder from step 5 to your new SD card

11) when done, "safe eject" to remove new SD card from laptop/desktop and insert into your Sero 7 Pro tablet (make sure Sero is fully powered off!)

12) power on Sero and goto Settings/Storage, then scroll down to your SD Card section and you should see stats abt your new card

Hope this helps in case anyone else is thinking abt doing this.
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Dec 2, 2013
I just wanted to thank you for your outstanding work on this tablets rom. I just flashed the latest update to the first root/recovery/Rom that you developed and I am loving this cheap but nice tablet. I loaded Xposed installer and installed a few mods to iron out some very small wrinkles and everything is working great. Speaking of SD swaps, is there a way to do a rom with an SD card swap like on the Beanstown builds for my Note 2? Looking forward to your future builds to try out. THANKS.... :cool: