New Cruz Velocity T103 tablet user VERY confused..


Feb 9, 2011
I just got a Cruz velocity tablet T103 and it’s telling me I have to install the apps on my laptop, transfer them onto my SD card and then put SD card into the tablet and then I’ll be able to use them.
Problem is, I can't figure out how to download the apps on my laptop.
The one place that I've found ( required me to sign in with my Google account and put in my phone number. I have an iPhone 4, which obviously is not running android. So it's telling me that since I don't have an android device, I can't download them.
HELP!? haha
Jeez, I feel so technologically impaired! :C
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Jenna, the process is called sideloading, look that up. Velocity Micro has a market they use, or you can Google apk files, those are android apps
I have the same device and it's really annoying and side loading I personally find to be more of a hassle than it's worth! I got my tablet before https// was even available(it was opened to the public Feb. 3rd) If anyone has a solution for linking my tablet to my android account that would be awesome. I have a google voice number which I use to recieve calls a sms on my tablet so if nescasary I can give google this number as a phone for my tablet buuuut I still lost and don't kno what to do!
So ALL Help is Apprecated!
the main issue is that your tablets are not market authorized, which makes getting apps to them not quite as straightforward. There are several different options for independent market apps, and also If you can get to the web from your tab, the best option is simply going to be direct download and installation of APK files.
Easy solution people.....1, take the sd card out, put it in your computer, or card reader, make a directory on that card called " Apps " then download all the apps you want and put them there, or 2, hook up the Cruz via USB, and do the same.....very simple....
OR, fire up the browser on the Cruz, and search for free apps, then install them via the " side loading " or other P.I.T.A aware that most apps are NOT written for the Cruz processor...which is a MIPS and not an ARM...some will's just trial and error....

The Market will NEVER be available via these devices....