new, first android tablet?????

Feb 10, 2011
so i was playing with my dads ipad and my phone and said it would be great to have an ipad that ran android. i then found out about android tablets and such. my budget is 200$ for now. not expecting anything to fancy just an android tablet for browsing internet, facebook, and angry birds. after lots of research on brands, android versions, and software versions i narrowed it down to a few tablets and now i think i chose the tablet i want.
the herotab m802 (goes by another name). i heard the resistive touchscreen is actually very responsive and the processor is also fast. is this a good buy. i now it has a few bugs that are being fixed slowly with each firmware update but overal is it worth the 188$
thanks in advance.
Would be the apad, it seems the seller nowsupplier( also on the forum?) is the manufacturer. Take a look here.
I have that tablet and I'm loving it. Upgrade firmware as explained on vendor youtube channel and it becomes a very usable device. I have a monster Dell I7 workstation, a Nvidia Quadro super powerful 17 inch HP laptop but it's this little tab that keeps me grinning. I think I won't be buying a Wintel device ever again and Apple never crossed my mind.
I recommend the Nook Color too! But its not a full tablet until rooted/unlocked. But once it is its wonderful! Its about 259 new. If u get one and decide to root/unlock it please talk to us on the nook color forum first. Takes a little bit of work to root.

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Would be the apad, it seems the seller nowsupplier( also on the forum?) is the manufacturer. Take a look here.

Please avoid Nowsupplier, If you read the vendor reviews on this site you will see, alot of people had problems with them. If you want a similar product with NO headaches from the vendor, I'd suggest, this one from ********** ---> aPad A8: Android2.2 Tablet PC,MID,Flash10.1, Wifi ,8 Touch Screen , 1 GHz ARM CPU , 512MB DDR2 RAM, 1080P, Multi-task

I've bought from them and they ship fast, and had great communication, and they were much better to deal with than nowsupplier.
10 inch SuperPad online from Sears for $214 Dealing with a local seller plus refund policy in case of defective product . Chinese suppliers are too risky to deal with. You never know when they'll go out of business plus try spending $30 to ship a defective product back there !!
My budget has increased to 350$ so I was looking into archos 101. I really don't wanna have to root but I still might get the nook

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