New MID Tablet


Jan 16, 2014
Hi all.
I have just received a tablet I brought online but when I plug it in the usb slot a message flashes up that the USB device is not recognised and that windows does not recognise it. My computer knowledge is basic. I have managed to connect it to
Wifi etc but I need my computer to recognise it so I can drag my music library onto it for teaching classes. I have tried to go to the companies website and look for downloads but it only sells tablets nothing else on site. The book that came with it
doesn't say about installing it and it had no disc or anything with it to install. All the info I can find on it that maybe any help is Model number MID, Android version 4.5, Kernel version 3.4.0+, Build number Quad core, IMEI 023138518586863, IMEISV 10 Serial number A066221ABC516EFE. Can any one out there help me install this device to my PC ???? Thank you for any assistance