New tablet in wrong language!


Mar 22, 2012
i just received my new tablet in the mail...i ordered what i thought to be an android 7" tablet from fabuless products but it came and doesnt actually have anything with it saying what KIND it is. so im assuming its what i ordered...sheesh lol. anyways, its set in a foreign language that i dont understand and therefore cannot read the menus to change it back to on earth do i do that????


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Jan 13, 2011
I guess you have to follow the signs.
To change language you have to tap menu, a sign with few vertical lines, then settings, it looks like the first blue round sign in my pic
, then you have to find and tap on language&keyboard, you can see how it looks from my pic. After you tap on language & keyboard, just tap on the first of next list ,it just says: select language....tap on that and you get a list of languages,find english and you are set .
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May 2, 2012
This does not seem to me to be a fix. It presumes the language will be English. Since the problem of changing language means for me that the laguage displayed is one that I do not understand, it is very hard to get from Czech to English. I have searched for hours on the net and have found numerous problems like mine. The responses have been quite unsatisfactory.