New To Android Tablets


Dec 3, 2010
But not new to Android in General!

Currently owning a Motorola Droid
Rooted, Custom ROM: UltimateDroid ver 1.0.0
ChevyNo1's ulowV 1.25 Ghz kernel

However I've plunged into the Android Tablet market by purchasing the following:
Velocity Micro Cruz Tablet for my girlfriend (Its not the Reader, its the tablet)
complete with Android 2.0 out of the box

Archos 70 250 GB online from for me (salivating on the prospects as we speak), and I'll receive it later this month (I guess when they can ship it).

I am a Merchant Marine Engineer by trade, and I live and work out of Norfolk, VA, but I was born and raised in Bakersfield, California.

I am a member of, and I have the exact same username there, too :)
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