New to forum. Just received new ASUS tablet.


Dec 20, 2011
Hello. I just received my new ASUS Transformer Prime tablet this morning. This is my first tablet though I do own a Nook e-reader and my wife has a Kindle Fire. If you asked me a few months ago if I would spend 500.00 on a tablet I would tell you that you were crazy. But after playing around my my son-in-laws Toshiba and my wife's Kindle I got the bug. I pre-ordered the new ASUS because it's supposed to be the hottest new tablet. It looks great. I didn't do much with it yet because I'm waiting for it to fully charge. I have learned a lot about my Nook and e-readers in general on an e-reader forum. Likewise I'm sure I'll find a lot of useful information concerning tablets here in this forum.
Congrats on the tablet, welcome to the Forum! Be sure to check out the ASUS Owner's Group, and we look forward to having you here!

Hello JerseyRider, welcome to Android Tablets and congratulations on the new Prime. The Asus folks have been drooling over that one for some time now, nice to see they're finally appearing. To join your fellow Asus owners, just click this link to the Asus Tablets section. Have fun and enjoy that new tablet.:cool:
Thanks for the welcome guys. I have been playing around with the tablet for few hours now. Compared to the Toshiba Thrive and Kindle Fire owned by family members, this ASUS is very fast and smooth. I am glad I waited for it. Looking forward to participating in this forum. VC

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