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Dec 5, 2010
Hi I recently purchased the Sylvania 7" MID tablet. I really just wanted an e-Reader, but since I found this for only $20 more than I planned on spending on an e-Reader, I thought I'd get it since it can do so much more. So now I'm totally lost. I have no idea what I'm doing. How do I find and download apps? Where do I find the e-books? Are there applications like Word and/or even Notepad for it? Can the thing store files and folders, or am I expecting it to be too much like a computer? Also, what is parsing? I found a free app for a notepad, and it supposedly downloaded. Then when I clicked on it (in my downloaded programs folder), it opened up a box that said something about a Parsing error. Please help!
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Nov 24, 2010
the device comes with the slideme app market there are other market alternatives that are free to use other than the google market.

Go into slide me and search what you are looking for.

I use color notes for any kind of general note taking and such on the device.

there is a free download app called documents to go that will let you view(not edit with the free version) any m$ office document

If you're looking for the big name e-reader apps they are typically only avail from the google market but since most are free pieces of software there are plenty of people who usually are more than willing to help with an apk for the program.

do you have an SD card for your tablet? If not this will be really the 1st thing you'll need to grab to get you rolling it's really the best and almost*(i say almost because the other ways are well, not so much complicated as they are complex) only way to get apps on your device without the google market.

Make sure you grab the latest update if you don't have it for your tablet already it really fixed a bunch of stuff and is a good update for the device.

As far as app names for e-readers there are apps for the tablet for both nook and kindle and they both give you access to the libraries that go with them. (still have to pay for pay content and such) another popular e-reader app is aldiko.

Just remember the only dumb question is the one you don't ask. I will to the best i can to help you even though my knowledge on these tablets is beginner at best.