Newbie with an Epad problem


Dec 25, 2010
Hi im new to this and I just bought a tablet offline. I am having connection problems,cant get into android market. Utube doesnt work. And keeps freezing up on me also battery doesnt charge past 60%. I have 2.1 with update 1 on it. it is a Android 2.1 Tablet PC-MID-10.2" TFT Touch Screen-ARM 11-Telechips 8900-720MHZ-DDR2 256MB-4G-Wifi. Is there anything I can do any tips for me? I have gotten company to resend 50% of what i paid due to problems so now i have a less then 100 toy. If I cant download from tablet cn I download from internet and load on tablet? How would I do so? Or is there a flash I can do to the rom? Thanks for your help.