Nextbook Premium 8: Android Marketplace


Mar 22, 2012
This is a much-asked question, because a LOT of people want to know how, but I've yet to see a satisfactory answer, so I'll ask it again in case there have been any new developments.

Is there any way to get the Android Marketplace on to the Nextbook Premium 8?

I'm afraid the SlideME Market that comes with the Nextbook Premium 8 just doesn't cut it.
this may or may not help..i just bought the 7" model this past weekend from Big Lots. It only has GetJar on it for apps. They have alot of apps on GetJAr but obviously not as good as the actual Android market. That being said since android is an open source OS ANY company that build tablets can use it. Therefore Nextbook is not authorized to use the android market as its leading go to app place. If truth be told anyone with android knowledge can still get apps to the tablet via this way: (yes it sucks but for right now thjis is the only way until a hack comes along)

1. Download the app to your android phone or OTHER tablet that lets you access the market.
2. Use ASTRO or ES file explorer to backup the app
3. Copy the app to your pc
4. dump it to nextbook tablet
5. install the app on the nextbook by selecting it from a file manager (astro comes with it)

the app WILL install with zero problems. thats what i did. Yes its combersome but it works. Problem is the app will not update since the tablet doesnt connect to the android marklet.

Hope this helps.