No way back? (Galaxy Tab)


Dec 13, 2010
I started up with Odin so i could update the Tab, but the program closed down about 1-2 sec. after. When I tried to turn on the tablet, there was ... no reaction (!)
Tried to go in "download mode", but no reaction or by factory-reset. just black screen ...
Can it really be true that I have ended up with a piece of useless plastic?


Dec 31, 2010
I recently had a similar situation. My Tab would lock up while using the system app. I would power the device down and restart but it would not react to my touch. I jumped onto the online chat at SAMSUNG and the tech gave me 2 choices...Call their tech support between certain hours or perform a "Recovery Code" (typo?) I opted for the recovery and these are the instructions copied from the chat:

Kyle: To recover the device via the hardware keys, do the following:

Kyle: 1. Power off the handset.

Kyle: 2. Hold the Vol Down Key + Vol Up Key + Power Key for 15 seconds then release.

Kyle: 3.When the recovery screen comes up, use the volume up key and volume down key to navigate through the selections and the power key to select item.

Kyle: 4. Select Delete all user data to recover the device. To confirm, scroll down and select Yes – delete all user data. The phone reboots and again displays the recovery screen.

Kyle: 5. Select Reboot system to restart the handset again.

Hope it helps.