Troubleshooting Samsung Galaxy Tab Bootloop


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May 7, 2012
Troubleshooting Samsung Galaxy Tab Bootloop


What is Bootloop?

Bootloop is a condition when boot process is fails to enter homescreen and repeat boot process over and over again. Starting from after the power button is pressed, the display turn on to a certain logo and die again.

Booting process in Samsung Galaxy Tab

Here is the booting phase in Samsung Galaxy Tab

* Boot First phase is do by bootloader, mark with Samsung Galaxy Tab Logo, in this step boot recognize the partition.
* Boot Second phase, bootloader will call recovery to check every necessary files and in this phase also check is any application install queue, if yes it would go to install the application/Rom/Firmware/kernel, else it will go to next phase
* Boot Third phase, bootloader will load pertition/system, you`ll see animate Samsung logo. In this phase all running files include Dalvik Virtual Machine (DVM) that will read one by one the applications that will load to Operating System and save the result in partition/data.

The Cause of Bootloop

Bootloop troubles can classified by the cause, there are:

Bootloop trouble because recovery

Galaxy tab will booting but stuck at Samsung logo, then the screen goes black and you can see that backlight. Next the screen will completely turn off and galaxy tab start to boot again.
The trouble came from incompatibles recovery or corrupted recovery file.

Bootloop trouble because file/system corrupted

Galaxy tab will boot until the third phase, Samsung animate logo, and screen goes black then the device will reboot. Fortunately, in this case the recovery mode still can be access.
The trouble came from a corrupt petitions / system / data

Bootloop trouble because the animated files is not compatible

It`s almost similar traits with Bootloop troubles because recovery, but the different, in this case recovery mode still can be access.
The troubles came from that are not compatible with device

Bootloop trouble because new incompatibles applications

It` similar traits with Bootloop trouble because file/system corrupted but the difference it`s not reboot after the animated logo appear. For turn it off you need press and hold the power button for 15 sec then the galaxy tab will shut down.
The troubles came from installed application that cannot read /load by DVM

Fix Bootloop troubles

Bootloop isn`t the end of the world, I mean it can be fix. Every Bootloop problem have their own treatments. Except Bootloop that cause by recovery, at other troubles bootloader menu still can be access. In other words, we can fix Bootloop using recovery.

Fix Bootloop trouble because recovery

1. Go to download menu.
2. Using ODIN install stock recovery to Galaxy Tab

Fix Bootloop trouble because file/system corrupted

* Go to recovery mode.
* Using ClockWorkMod do cache wipe/data wipe and Dalvik cache wipe.
* Using Stock Recovery, do factory reset (warning!! This action will delete all data in SDcard)

Fix Bootloop trouble because the animated files is not compatible

Method I : Install the correct from recovery
Method II : install custom ROM through recovery
Method III : Install Stock Rom through ODIN

Fix Bootloop trouble because new incompatibles applications

Method I: Install custom ROM through recovery, then do reset factory
Method II: Install stock ROM through ODIN then do reset factory

Make a backup file

Factory reset will delete all data you have, including installed application, personal data and phone setting.

Make backup file will save your time to reinstall applications or reconfiguration the phone.

Backup file can make using ODIN or Recovery. If your Galaxy Tab is already using ClockWorkMod, so you can use ADB features that included in KIES installation.

Source: GalaxyTabForum