Not sure what I have


Oct 19, 2011
My husband does computer repair, and brought home a tablet and asked me to try to fix it. I have an android phone, and he isn't familiar with touch tablets. The box that the tablet is in says MID and thats all of a name I can find. It has Google Android OS, 256MB DDR2 533mhz, 7" display 800x480 TFT LCD 2GB storage with 4GB option. LAN:802.11b/g/n Supports High speed SB card max 32GB.

The tablet only has a round "home" button on the face, and on the back just a slit near the top I am guessing is the speaker. On the bottom I see the Power adapter hole, a small hole labeled M/R, the audio jack hole, the large slot for the jack that turns it into a USB jack on the computer end, and the SD slot. There are no other buttons or anything on the sides. No volume control buttons, nothing at all.

I hope that's enough for someone to identify what I have. The problem is, when turned on, the android guy shows up, and it says Android 2.0 on the bottom right corner. Then the robot "dances" around a bit, and eventually it says Loading.... and this blinks for a minute like it is doing something. Then it plays a musical note, and shuts off.

During the time the "Loading..." screen was on, I plugged it into my computer and it said I could download 65 pictures, which I said "ok" and they downloaded before it turned itself off. So I know "something" is still in there that's functional (I'm assuming)

Any idea what to try next? Is there a site to download the software to a mini SD card to try to load that? Is that even going to work? We already have the price of a new power cord into this, and I will have to buy a mini SD card to try this.. so I'm willing to try, unless someone tells me it's definitely not going to work.

I'm not very good at this stuff, but it's a neat little tablet, and I'd love to save it!

Any help or advice out there? So little information on the box, that I'm not even sure what software to try!

Thanks in advance!
Hi Sue, welcome to the forum. Glad you joined us here at Android Tablets. I'm moving your post to the Android Tablet Q&A section of the forum. Someone over there should be able to help you save that little guy.
Thank you very much! Since we expect the cost of repair, if possible, will exceed the cost of replacement of this tablet, if I can fix it, I may be able to keep it :) So I'm really hoping someone can help me!!