Note 10.1 Accessories. What's Up?


Aug 9, 2013
Hello Newbie Here,

I recently purchased the Note 10.1. I thought it would have the same connector as my Galaxy S4 phone but it does not.

I need some help. Is the connector for the Note the same as the connector for the Galaxy Tab 10.1

Does anyone know where I can find a charging dock for it and speakers. (For movie playback)

Thanks so much for your help.
If you speak to samsung support they will tell you that accessories for the Tab 10.1 are not compatible with the NOTE 10.1. Even though they have the same 30 pin adaptor. I believe they are - in fact I am convinced thatthey are the 30 pin USB connector kit which I have is for the Tab 10.1. They work on the NOTE 10.1

Yeah I have the 30 pin USB adapter and it works fine on my Note 10.1 and Galaxy Tab 7 plus. But the dock is a doesn't story because the size of the tablets is different. I had an original Galaxy Tab 7 with keyboard dock and of course it wouldn't work with the 7 plus.
And, from what I can determine, it won't work on the new NOTE 10.1 EDITION 2014 because the new adapter is a mini or microUSB plug. And you're right Tom, it is a "doesn't story" because the phone/phablet/tablet firmware must support it. This leads me on to the issue with NTFS storage devices which cannot be read via the connector kit, which Samsung support stated that NTFS DEVICES and USB CONNECTOR KIT are not supported by the NOTE 10.1. However, after studying mine, I have found evidence that the NOTE 10.1 does support access to reading/writing to NTFS DEVICES but the USB CONNECTOR KIT does not!

So what I have been trying to get is a "30 pin USB CONNECTOR KIT/ADAPTER" that can give me access to NTFS devices (like USB HDDs). Haven't had any success so far.