NowSupplier's leather 7" MID case with keyboard


Jan 11, 2011
I purchased this item:
Leather Case with Keyboard for 7 inch MID Tablet Black - US$ 19.90

from now supplier on December 15th. shipping wasn't too bad, maybe 14-17 days, but the case is useless with my Augen GenTouch78 because of the misleading description.

The gap between the retaining clips (i.e. the width of the MID) is 127mm. Here're the widths for various 7" MIDs, several sold by now supplier:
APad iRobot - 118.5mm
G10 - 119mm
Rockchip 2818 - 115mm
Telechips TCC8902 - 118.5mm
Augen GenTouch78 - 117mm
Archos 70 - 114mm

NONE of the above MIDs can be secured in the case I received, despite the fact they claim it was designed for the APad iRobot and specifically state in the comments that the Archos 70 will fit. Initially I thought I had received the wrong model, the gap was so bad. Customer support was indifferent, I had to message the rep on these boards to get a response.

I tried 'em, they failed, they're done as far as I'm concerned. Hopefully posting this will help others avoid similar problems.

I am sorry that happened. A lot of us have resorted to some good Velcro on the case and device to "make" things fit.
interesting...looks identical to the one i have, except in the first image, the clips are up off the seam. can't see how they adjusted it, though, because it looks like the leather is one piece around the clips.