Nvidia Shield Questions


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Oct 4, 2014
I am from Argentina and last year I bought a Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0. I really like the tablet, as it has the perfect screen size for me, except some limitations, also due to its size, versus something like the Note 10.1 or the Note Pro 12.2. I was in love with the tablet before buying it and I still think it is a great gadget, but as most Samsung devices... It lags sometimes. I bought it mostly because of the SPen, but when I saw the Nvidia Shield Tablet with its screen (versus my 189 ppi one), its processing power, cameras, metal body and, what's most important for me, or was for some reason in 2013: A special stylus integrated I started thinking thoroughly about getting one soon. My question is: Is the Nvidia pen as good as the SPen? And is this tablet worth the upgrade? If I buy one, that should be the 32GB version because of the small difference in the price having that and LTE connectivity (although in my country only data connections up to H+ work).
Thanks for posting this. And please try to answer because I still don't know what to do.

P.D.: Also, I know Samsung is pretty harsh when it comes to updates, that's why I will most probably be changing my Samsung Galaxy S4 for an iPhone 5s, and even though the Note has KitKat right now, I am almost sure Samsung will stop the update plan for the device soon as they didn't sell many units, but is Nvidia OK with updates? Or is it like Samsung?
And something important too: Is battery life good? Something iPad-like?