Open RK2808Apad

Bens Deal

Feb 13, 2011
I have a tablet from a friend apad, iRobot RK2808 I have a power cord however it seems the friggin pin inside the DC hole is starting to come apart so now it won't charge at all. Hence why my friend gave it to me. I tinker in electronics all the time but this thing I just don't know. I wasn't aware I could simply take the back off. How in the world are you unscrewing this without screwing up the front of the case or screen and how are you getting a small screw driver in there ?


Nov 18, 2010
opening the rk2808 aPads is not easy.
try to warm up the sides of the front panel careful, carefuly peel back the black fiol a bit (not too far) and unscrew the frontpanel.
probably you will not get it back on without ugly folds, if you pull too far you seperate the digitizer from the digitizer glas, if you are not careful you rip the flatband cable.
also there are lots of screws in the front panel and replacement panels are hard to get.
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