Hi from Melbourne - I got ePad 7" & bricked it > help? & video review


Jul 31, 2010

I made this video to explain with a unboxing review of this Fake or imitation Apple iPad which is known as aPad or ePad 7" Touch MID Android USB Ethernet VIA iRobot device bought cheap from China for $135 on eBay. Warning with this device, it is not recommended to upgrade the Firmware doing so can kill the device like I did. The device had many issues, bugs, faulty apps, scratches, even pics from the last owner who must have returned it too...


I got it

It worked

but not very well

so I tried to fix it

I tired the firmware updates online and they broke it

I tried all of them for like 8 hours

now the device will not even try to boot

as per advise on the other forums it seems dead bricked

like this!!!!!!!!!!?highlight=epad+firmware%26quot;

anyway yep so I just wasted $135 on a piece of junk that I screwed in only a few hours

I did record a unbox video, not a very complete one, and yeah what to do? I might see if I can return it for a refund? lol

I never went to sleep, I been up all night trying to fix it. I was too faced on fixing it to look at anything else online

now I give up

I pulled it apart to look inside see if any way to reset it maybe with a small batt or unplug the main battery but nope and now iv kinda damaged it physically to the point i cannot return it and expect my money back

I think if i sent it back Id just loose it and they might refuse

Well at least after this experience I can say that you would be safe with buying a Apple iPad with regards to knowing the quality and support of the product is decent. Unlike these eBay sellers...

OMG well that is the worst example of eBay gone bad I have seen yet, and it makes me feel better... lol

The guy I got this from has refused to just refund it, they said i can send it back but if they think its not their fault i wont get the refund, and thats unexceptionable to me. since I will not loose more money by paying to send it back and then not to get the refund because of the fact I tried to FIX it myself.

I have logged a complaint with PayPal but they closed it off... I could escalate it as a final attempt....
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well not for nothing, it sounds like YOU bricked it and it was not actually a faulty product. you tried to upgrade the firmware, which, from what i have read isn't a good idea because certain tablets are made to work well with a specific firmware and don't recommend upgrading. then you pulled it apart??! and tried to demand a refund? ok.
Sorry to hear about your bad luck on the bricking of the device :(
thats a bummer and i know this doesnt help because you bought it through ebay but next time i recommend you buy one through Euogo.com: Best Deals on Android Tablet,Tablet PC,Smartphones,Apple Accessories,Cool Gadgets & more from Hong Kong China they sent me one that turned on once and then wouldnt turn on again and i told them and they had me send it back and they sent me a new one. they are a great place to buy from and actually love to help with any question. so if you do get the money back ( i hope you do) i recommend you buy one form there
Hey, did you end up unbriking it? What are your advices? I wanna update the firmware on mine because it simply can't play any videos at all, even mp4s.