Panasonic "Rugged Strength" BizPad Android Tablets - Press Release


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Jan 5, 2011
Panasonic "Rugged Strength" BizPad Android Tablets - Press Release

Panasonic Communications Co., Ltd. (Toyama, Takashi representative), the mobile professional “BizPad” to strengthen the line-up of the two models will be released tablet devices with Android 3.2.

This product is rugged strength (resistance drop * 1 structure, dust and water intrusion protection * 2 ) In addition to adopting a mechanism that can easily replace the battery pack. The spare battery pack portable, allowing use of more hours. In addition, IC card reader / writer (according NFC) as standard. Can be utilized to strengthen information security by using the IC card authenticated employee ID. In addition, the communications module 7-inch LCD model 3G, 10.1-inch LCD model digitizer * 3 can be installed as an option. You can help streamline operations and speed different.

In addition, in collaboration with the business application vendors, we plan to do to provide solutions to meet the needs of the business use of tablet devices.
This product will be held at Tokyo Big Sight from May 12, 10 “IT Pro Expo 2011″ at will be exhibited at the booth of business application vendors offer this product in production prospects. Applications and details of companies exhibiting, please visit our website.

Main Features:
1. Drop-proof to provide a safe strength * 1 , dust and water ingress protection structure 2 , structure battery exchange mechanism
2. IC card reader / writer valid business purposes (in accordance with NFC) standard
3. With the latest version 3.2 of Android tablet device become popular as a platform
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Background / Development

Recent years, the spread of tablet devices, we have seen increasingly as an attempt to divert business applications for consumer devices that were developed originally tablet. We respond to the growing needs of businesses use these tablet devices, has developed two models of tablet devices intended for use in enterprise business applications from a variety of planning and design stages. Primarily for field service operations “portability,” “robust,” “interoperability,” “usability”, “Information Security” and focused on seven-inch LCD models, and operating mainly indoor work shop window support for “high-definition display,” “robust,” “interoperability,” “usability”, “information security” in two models of 10.1-inch LCD model that emphasizes a different response depending on the application needs The.
We have over 30 years, we have delivered a commercial device with a high resistance to environmental performance of specific tasks for general corporate purposes a government utility. As mobile devices have a large display screen, robust business applications intended for use primarily by taking advantage of the expertise accumulated in the planning, development and manufacture of these, and with WindowsCE “BizPad” and published in February 2004 to got off. This time, “BizPad” is a newly developed model with Android, will continue to meet the varied needs of our customers to expand the line-up.

Description of Features:

[1] Hardware Features
Operational robustness for rugged work necessary for, as well as reduce the possibility of equipment damage due to sudden business stagnation, control costs and equipment damage caused by the administration. 7-inch LCD model, drop resistance strength * 1 The structure of dust and water ingress protection • 120cm * 2 compliant IP55, 10.1-inch LCD model, the intensity drop resistance * 1 construction dust and water ingress protection • 80cm * 2 IP54 compliant provides the performance.

Organization structure is adopted interchangeable battery pack
can be replaced with a structure based on your own battery pack, battery charger and forget even for a long time business activities, the business continuity of the spare battery pack with portable can be ensured. In addition, the exchange mechanism can be solved by structural challenges of the battery pack through the use of long-term aging of cells, can contribute to reducing management costs.

IC card reader / writer (compliant NFC)
is carried in the IC card reader / writer contactless, IC card employee ID (contactless) can be realized using the terminal’s information security function identification by . It is also possible to make use of the retail system solutions utilizing a point card that complies with Felica.
Maintenance period as a set of product supply terminals. Commercial
product, taking into account the reality of the business development of IT equipment, multi-year supply of industrial products obtained as the terminal * 4 , and the concept of maintenance services is.

Improved connectivity with peripherals
Wireless LAN, Bluetooth, IrDA, and various interfaces, such as standard USB.
USB is available in addition to device mode can be used in host mode.
Features LCD model type 7 Other
(one) and ease with hand belt, slim waist Form R-type reverse adopted dimple
(2) adopt a resistive touch panel can be operated with gloves
(3) equipped with a programmable one-touch function keys
(4) can be equipped with optional 3G communication module
(5) provided with a dedicated charging units sold separately-contact charging method that emphasizes the space-saving
Other models feature 10.1-inch LCD
(an) disturb the atmosphere of the space with stylish design in robust specification
(2) Use a panel with a film-friendly shatterproof safety
(3) to show you to your intended business adoption of high-resolution IPS alpha LCD
(4) input position can be detected with high accuracy digitizer * 3 can be installed optionally
(5) provided with a dedicated charging units sold separately-contact charging system with an emphasis on design.

Features of the software [2]
With the latest Android 3.2 platform .
Android 3.2 with latest version from Google for tablet devices.
Provision of Software Development Environment
SDK for Android standard 5 * in addition to the control function keys programmable 7-inch LCD model has been extended to the original, SDK for barcode recognition engine control and a Bluetooth printer for commercial application library to provide. The software allows the development of industry-specific work with it.
Installation, Operation and Support [3]
maintenance and operational services
for the business in the implementation and operation of the terminal, and deployment on the initial setup of each company’s individual environment, repair during repair operations on the environment were separately recovered in a given return You will become necessary. Tablet as a terminal for the enterprise, the introduction of each installation, maintenance and provide a menu, smooth implementation and terminals, will provide a stable support for operational services. * 6
Introducing the home page business applications Tested
posted on our website information to confirm the actual application of this product work, we plan to introduce the application vendor. Will continue working to provide information in order to take advantage of Android tablet device for business.
1. 1 7-inch LCD model * 120cm (drops to concrete), 10.1-inch LCD model is 80cm (P tiles on concrete to fall.) In the experiments in our test criteria based on drop tests, drop-proof performance of the product does not guarantee that no damage is not trouble-free. Please be forewarned.
2. 7-inch LCD model 2 compliant IP55, 10.1-inch LCD model complies IP54.
Compliance IP55: In tests of protection against ingress of dust and water, without intrusion of dust, such as to inhibit normal operation and safety, that the structure is to protect the water jets from any direction.
Compliance IP54: In tests of protection against ingress of dust and water, without intrusion of dust, such as to inhibit normal operation and safety, that the structure is to protect the spray from any direction.
IP degree of protection against ingress of dust and water This product is intended to guarantee a trouble-free no-no damage. Please be forewarned.
3. Digitizer * 3: Coordinate reader using a stylus and a set
4. Not guarantee a continuous supply is not * 4.
5. * 5 SDK: Software Development Kit (Software Development Kit)
6. Panasonic System Solutions Co., Ltd. * 6 from Japan, our services will be provided.
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