Pandigital Novel 4g Blue unable to download book to library


Aug 3, 2011
I was given the Pandigital novel by a friend. It had a book on it when they sent it to me. I was able to read it. I have tried to download a new book from B&N and can not get it to download to the novel library. I can read it when on line with B&N other wise no. I am a moron when it comes to these things. I have e-mailed Pandigital and they said I just need to log out and in again and it should work. I have tried that and tried the download from their website and still no luck. I have tried to contact Pandigital's customer service and they never answer the phone. I have tried several times and all I get is the recording that all the reps are busy. After listening to that for ten minutes the phone started to ring and ring and ring. This went on for another the minutes until I gave up. I have e-mailed QVC since I know that is where it came from and they said they have e-mail Pandigital. Haven't heard from them again. So I am still waiting to use this thing that I think could actually be a good device if it would work. Help!!! I need terms that even a moron can understand.