PDANet Tethering Nook to Blackberry


Feb 11, 2011
I'd like to tether my Nook Color to my Blackberry using PDANet, does anyone know if there is a cable that can accomplish this ? From what I can tell, it would need to be a mini USB on one end and the proprietary B&N adapter on the other. Is there a cable like this? If not could I use a USB Female A To USB Mini Male B 5 Pin Adapter to attach he Nook to my BB?

Also if this is too convoluted and people have smarter solution for connecting my BB to my Nook, I would love to know.

Thanks in advance. this board has been extraordinarily helpful
Not sure about PDANet but other ways to do it wirelessly, my case -
i use a droid and rooted it and installed wifi tether app which serves an adhoc hotspot. The NC needs to be slightly modified (add wpa_supplicant file with the proper rights) to be able to connect to adhoc networks. I'm not sure how BB does it but if it is via adhoc, then you need to enable NC for adhoc

in my case i am able to use the droid to wirelessly connect