please help android tablet stuck on startup right out the box ..MID from china


Dec 31, 2010
these are the specs from ebay..Processor:VIA MW8505
OS:Google Android 1.6
Memory RAM:256MB
Flash Memory:2GB (1GB Free)
WiFi: 802.11 b / g
3G Function:Support external 3g USB modem
Speaker:Built-in Speaker 8/1W
Camera:Built-in 1.3MP
Reset hole:Hidden (reset function)
Button:Top of the key: Power Key Positive primary key: ESC Right button Volume control Keys + Menu button
Display Resolution:WVGA 800 x 480 Pixel Size:7 inch TFT 16:9
Touch Screen: All mirror, high sensitive touch screen operation
Card Reader Slot:T-flash card (Support up to 32GB)
Sound effect:In focus Audio Built-in stereo speaker Built-in Microphone
Media File Audio:MP3,WMA,WAV,APE,OGG,FLAC,AAC Video:AVI,3GP/MP4,FLV,MKV,MOV,WMV Video:up to resolution 320*240, 24 FPS
Unit Size:199 x 129 x 14 (mm)
Battery: 3000MAH, 7.4V
Gravity Sensor:Not Support
Battery Life: up to 3 hours, video play time 2 hours with WIFI off.
.................................................. ......................................
i recieved this and plugged it in , let it charge for about 2 hrs then turned it went thru a big android icon spinning around and then went to a smaller android icon with wmt2.1.2_105 on the bottom right screen...
i read that i might have to "reflash" it but i have no idea what that is...
please...please someone help me out...this was supposed to be a christmas gift for my daughter, took 4 weeks to get from china, and i dont want her to wait till febuary. thanx in advance!
Im assuming nobody got back to you aye. Im having the same problem but I have no idea how to work with roms and flashing of the os or whatever that is. Please, someone help.
I bought two of this exact same model from the Crooks at *************** for 175.00 each, I waited 50 days to get them, I bought one for myself and one for my son. Charged both for 2 hrs, They worked for Two-3hrs, and both burned up with melted solder connections inside. I returned them (40.00 more out of my pocket) only took 10 days to get back to them, then they sent me emails saying that they only could find one and other one was swiped! On 13th of Feb . They said they would refund 175.00 for just one and I was sh%t out of luck for the other one, I have had many e mails from a Bullsh%tter named Bernard (the sales manager promising it), Now its 66days later no refund , no tablets, I have been swindled out of $ 390.00!
Do not trust Chinese thieves to give you any decent Customer Service, Don't waste the money to return it. Some Chinese vendors who are on this forum are respectable, BUYERS BEWARE!!
I have the same problem how do I find the answer I see the question it show how resolve the issue pls help ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. CTRL+F5 reloads the whole page.