Please help identify tablet


Jan 20, 2011
Please help identify tablet.
externally it is the same as -similar inputs, and stood 1.6 droid, 256MB opera, webcam, and this adapter with 2 yusb and the network is.
Charge the 9v, 1500mA
I made out that the tablet was written on the CPU: WM8505 +
on the motherboard says YP-B10-V1.0.
also stood within two batteries at 2.7mA and 3.7v.

At first I thought it Eken m003 and flash the latest firmware, now the tablet is sometimes included but the touch screen does not work, but most often it hangs on the label "Loading"
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It is a variant of the Eken M003. The thing with these tablets is that they tend to look the same, but firmwares may not be compatible.
Yes firmware from Eken m003 does not fit, also tried the firmware from the m001, m002, FlyToch and similar tablets all the same.
do not even know what to do ...

Maybe there are people who have this tablet? And they will be able to copy your firmware and give me? such an option possible?
People, well, so perhaps there is anyone any ideas how to restore a tablet?