Please Help


Nov 28, 2011
I just purchased a Pandigital Planet and have forgotten my pattern password!! I have been locked out of it for 2 days and I am going crazy! Does anyone know how I can reset it or something to get back into in???
Unfortunately, the easy way is to reset your tablet to factory, which means you'd loose everything installed on it. There may be another method, but it'll be complicated. Truthfully, though, its best that way because if it was easy to bypass a lock without loosing your data then the lock would be worthless.
Do you know how to reset the tablet to factory? I don't care if I have to reinstall all the apps I downloaded, just want to be able to use it.
Copied from a Google search:

" with the unit off hold the +volume button and hit the power button let go of the buttons. the screen will look like it booting up you will get a promp screen. use the +volume button to scroll thru the list. to factory data reset. then use the -- volume button to enter. the unit will reset it self to factory settings."

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