problem wifi my tablet help me


Nov 19, 2010
Hello, I am new to the forum wanted to know if someone could help me I own a M701 haipad-r with Android 2.1. I installed it on my symbian joiku spot that turns into a host cell phone wifi, but my haipad tells me when I try to connect Android IBSS code not supported how can I fix this? thanks
Sorry, not sure if I posted in correct place. I purchased a Curtis LT8025 "KLU" - I have loaded a lot of software - Have Youtube and even Android Market is working. I have Samsung WIFI Hotspot - Try using it and the Tablet WIFI clicks off - I use several apps to get WIFI (besides the basic) - One even Auto-Connects - So I try watching a Youtube Video and it loads and about half way through, the WIFI indicator is off. Is this a Firmware issue, or an Hardware issue. Does not happen when connected via Ethernet. I thought it was my HOTSPOT< but it works great with my laptop...Is this typical of a Android 2.1 tablet...I have a 2.2 tablet ordered. Is there an Android app that can manage WIFI better? Thanks...This will be my Third tablet - Android 1.6 APAD, Curtis KLU and a Droppad 2.2 on order. I have not updated any firmware (rooted).